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Ranch-fashion homes function a protracted, low profile and are more often than not single-story buildings. Ranches are recognized for easy style, imparting open and uncluttered floor plans and simple exteriors. Those closing layout capabilities allow owners to customize their ranch homes to a tremendous extent. The Deerfield I is the first in the Deerfield series of modular homes. It’s a simple but aesthetically challenging home. It’s recommended for NJ home buyers. If you are considering the Deerfield I for your home project, contact the professionals at NJ Home Builder and start the process today.






Square Footage

27'-6" x 52'-0"


Breckinridge elevation NJ home Builder

Elevation View:

Attention: All renders are designed for visual display only and will vary from specifications.

Floor Plans:

Attention: We offer a wide assortment of designs for each style of home. Total customization of styles and designs is encouraged.

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