What is Modular Home Building?

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Innovations in home construction are always evolving. There’s always a new building technique or technology that promises to reduce costs or increase efficiency. One big trend in home development is modular home building. The term “modular home building” sounds vague and complex, so what exactly is it? And why should a homeowner want a modularly-built home? Here’s some background on modular home building and why you want modular home builders in New Jersey to build your future home.

How Are Modular Homes Made?

Modular homes are constructed by assembling factory-made box components, or “modules,” on a construction site to create an environmentally-friendly, cost-effective house. It’s a type of construction process that utilizes prefabricated units that are 100% customizable. By using premade components, modular home builders in New Jersey create homes that are less costly, sturdier, and built faster than regular houses. Once assembled, modular homes look just the same in outside appearance as traditional site-built homes. Modular homes are not a type of manufactured or trailer home. They undergo more rigorous inspections than regular homes and exceed the same building code requirements that regular homes must meet.

Modular Homes are Affordable

Modular home builders in New Jersey make modular homes that not only cost less than regular homes but also cost less to maintain. The premade boxes of a modular home are made using precise factory construction standards that make functions like heating and cooling more efficient in the fully-assembled home. This makes long-term costs like electrical bills and AC unit replacements considerably lower than with traditional homes. Homes made via modular building also appreciate in value just like site-built homes, especially since they typically stay in better shape in the long-run.

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