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Looking for an affordable way to automatically increase your living space and get more life out of your home?  Then you need to look at improving your outdoor space.  Many homes come with basic decks or patios that offer the illusion of an outdoor living space, but are either poorly designed or simply too small to meet your home’s evolving needs.  At New Jersey Home Builders, we handle all aspects of decking renovations and remodeling, from new builds to rebuilds, and from concept to completion.  Working with a team of our designers and builders, we can help you create the ultimate outdoor living space, which not only meets your family’s needs, but also increases the resale value of your home.

What are you looking for in an outdoor living space?  This is the first question you need to consider when contemplating a decking project.  On the surface, this question seems easy to answer, but the reason that many people are dissatisfied with their current deck or patio is that it is generic and not tailored to meet their needs.

So, spend a few minutes considering how you entertain, what type of sun exposure you enjoy, whether you would like to be able to use your deck in all seasons, and any other factors that you think might influence your use of your deck.  The perfect deck for an all-seasons outdoor-loving family is going to differ from the deck of a person who wants a nice, shady reading spot in the summer time.  So, think about how you want to use your deck.

Will your deck be performing a specific function?  Many people want to include outdoor kitchens in their decks.   These can range from high-end kitchens that rival or surpass most indoor kitchens to simple countertop spaces next to grills with space for a small refrigerator.  So, if you are thinking about an outdoor kitchen, think about what you will need for it.  Other popular options include fire pits and fireplaces.  Homeowners with pools may even choose to modify their decking to include changing rooms for guests.

So, keep in mind any special functions that you want your deck to perform, so that they can be included in the design.  Even if you cannot afford to build that outdoor kitchen or add that fire pit, yet, if it is part of your eventual plan for your deck, make sure and include it in your design plans so that you can make an addition and not an extra renovation when you add it.

Next, consider materials.  Most of us think of wood or wood-like products when we think of decks, but we can create decking in all sorts of materials.  Stone decks are far more durable than wood decks and have a much higher-end appearance, but do have a greater initial cost.  Do you want your deck to be covered?  If so, what type of cover would you like?  A solid cover has the benefit of offering protection from the elements, but also means you miss out on some sunshine.

No cover means you have no protection from the elements.  An in-between choice, like a traditional pergola, may offer shade but no protection from wind or rain.  Fortunately, there are other alternatives that let you have your cake and eat it, too.  These include retractable sunshades and motorized pergolas that let you shut out the elements.

Whatever your decking plans, NJ Home Builder is happy to make your dreams become reality.  Contact us for a consultation today.

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