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There is something about a gazebo that can turn an ordinary yard into an extraordinary yard.  The very design of a gazebo makes an automatic outdoor living room, providing a 360-degree view that highlights landscaping and extends your living space away from the footprint of your home and into a yard.  They are a great way to make the most of a larger yard and create distinct spaces, while enhancing your landscape.  However, that said, there is nothing quite as dilapidated looking as an old out-of-date gazebo.  The same things that make well-planned and well-kept gazebos such a pleasant addition to a yard can turn them into an eyesore.  That is why New Jersey Home Builder’s gazebo renovations and remodeling can transform your existing gazebo into the outdoor living space of your dreams.

If you want a gazebo, one of the first things we are going to discuss with you is whether you want to run utilities to the gazebo.  There is something magical about a gazebo lit up with fairy lights on a summer night.  However, it certainly takes away from the magic if those fairy lights are powered by extension cords strung from your house to the gazebo.  We strongly suggest running at least electricity to your gazebo structure.

Many of our clients choose to have a light and ceiling fan combination installed in the ceiling of the gazebo, as well as provide outlets for other uses, such as the aforementioned fairy lights or the Edison lights that provide a funky retro-vibe for a gazebo.  You also want to consider whether you will want to run gas lines to the gazebo in order to provide power for a grill or built-in fireplace or fire-pit.

Of course, running gas lines can become very expensive, depending on your desired location for your gazebo and the current placement of any gas lines.  Therefore, we discuss other options for providing power to those features.

We also encourage you to think about how your gazebo will be used.  We have helped clients build gazebos intended for everything from a fairytale playhouse to backyard pubs to open-air man caves.  Working with your intended use, we can ensure that you get everything you need to make your structure work for you.  For example, gazebos are normally open-air structures, but we can also create screened structures for bug-free environments, which might be perfect if you intend to primarily use your gazebo as an outdoor dining space.

One popular use for gazebos is as something similar to a pool house.  Some clients have used gazebos as a way to provide shaded space for their outdoor guests, as well as storage for pool toys and supplies, additional seating, and hooks for towels and pool bags.

The right approach for your gazebo really depends on your lifestyle.  That is why our designers are happy to consult with you about how you live your life and what you want from your outdoor living space.

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