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Home construction is one of the most rewarding yet frustrating projects you can undergo. Sure, you will get that kitchen of your dreams, but you’ll be eating your take-out in the living room for a few weeks. There’s also that endless searching for a company to meet the construction needs. You need a service that can match the quality and cost as well as knowing exactly what to do. New Jersey Home Builder is one of the best in the business, developing high-quality work by expert workmen. Your projects are our projects and we will treat the work as if we were doing it on our own home. We offer a number of services to all our customers to turn a house into a home.

Of course, before any project, you need a house. We are some of the best when it comes to constructing a home for you and your family. What makes us different from the competition is that we don’t just build houses, but homes. We want your family to feel like this building was created just for them. Allow us to take you through every step of the process from designing the blueprints to putting on that final coat of paint. When you walk in the first time, we are striving for you to say “this is home.”

In Monmouth County, we are the leading provider of customized homes. From amazing backyards to breathtaking floor plans, we are all about elevating your home. Walk us through exactly what you want and we’ll make it happen. Don’t hesitate, tell us exactly what your dream home includes so we can make it a reality.

Remodeling and renovations are some of the most common but broad terms when it comes to home construction. This can mean anything from redoing a bathroom to adding on an addition. No project is too difficult for us to handle, our workers are masters of the process. Whether it’s tiling a new kitchen, installing a new wall, or putting in the foundation of an add-on bedroom. The project can be commercial or residential, we can handle both. Call us today for a quote and estimate.

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, you might have noticed many homes were raised to prevent future flood damage. This is a project we have perfected and treat with the utmost professionalism. We put our best work into ensuring that your home is raised and will stay safe during a storm. If you are considering raising your home, please contact our sales team right away.

We’ve been boasting about all our amazing construction work, but we are also your resource for demolition. Sometimes, the best method of creating a new home or workplace is to tear the old one down. We are some of the best in the demolition business, offering issue free solutions. We will demolish your building and take care of clean up with our own equipment. We also offer tree removal, landscape clearing, and concrete cutting services. Don’t worry about anything, we’ll take care of everything.

Don’t wait, contact us today! To learn more about NJ Home Builder and our services, check out our blog.

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