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What does your current patio look like?  If your home is relatively new construction, then your builder probably included some type of basic concrete slab patio off of your back door.  If it is like most basic patios, it is probably too small to really function as a patio, but maybe big enough to provide a slab for a grill or a few pieces of outdoor furniture.

Of course, if your home is older, you may not have a patio at all, or may be dealing with a dilapidated patio or deck space. As a result, you may find that you do not use your outdoor space as much as you could. Want to be able to enjoy the outdoor living trend? Then, contact us at New Jersey Home Builder to find out about patio renovations and remodeling. We can help you build the outdoor living space of your dreams, then take that idea from concept to completion, whether that means a new build or renovating and remodeling an existing patio space.

The first question we ask our clients is what they want in an outdoor living space. Patios can run the gamut from understated simplicity to high-end design and what works for the lifestyle and budget of one client might be absolutely wrong for another client. In fact, many people are dissatisfied with their current patios, not because they were poorly designed, but because they were not designed to meet the family’s actually lifestyle.

Do you like to entertain and would you use your outdoor space as an entertainment point? If so, what type of parties do you have and what type of patio would allow you to fully utilize your outdoor space? Are you more interested in a patio that increases your own use and enjoyment of your home? If so, do you want a shady spot for reading, the ability to watch TV on your patio, or a screened-in space to enjoy the outdoors but avoid bugs. All of these questions help determine how you will design your patio.

Another big question is do you want an outdoor kitchen? They are extremely popular right now and offer a great ROI for a house renovation. However, is it right for your lifestyle? Many of our clients like the idea of a mini-kitchen for their patios. These mini-kitchens include a small refrigerator and some counter space with a large built-in grill and vent, offering some of the flexibility of an outdoor kitchen without a huge price tag or requiring a lot of space.

Along those same lines, consider whether you will want to have a fire pit or fireplace on your patio, and which one would best fit with your overall design.

Do not worry if you are not sure what you want. At NJ Home Builder, we are happy to sit down and discuss lifestyle with you to help you come up with the perfect concept for your patio. Contact us for a consultation today.

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