Understanding House Raising

House Raising Toms River NJ

So How Much Does it cost to Raise a House in New Jersey?

So you are probably on our NJ Home Builder site, because you were flooded by Hurricane Sandy or had a close call.  Either way you have come to the right place for help as we can offer a turnkey solution for your house raising project.

NJ Home Builder is NJ’s Premier Builder with experience in all aspects of construction.

What you need to determine first is to find out what flood zone you are in.  We have the updated FEMA maps link.

Once we can determine what zone you are in it will allow us to know what type of foundation is required and how high you must elevate your home in NJ. You must raise your home on pilings with a break away skirting if it is determined that you are in a FEMA V zone.

A V zone means your house raising project must comply by lifting your home on to pilings.  To do this there must be adequate room for us to temporarily move your house aside for us to drive conventional wood piles in.

If it is determined that there is not enough adequate room on your property to temporarily store your home, then we must use helical pilings.  This is more involved and comes a greater expense.

NJ Home Builder can give you a turn-key price on the entire project.  When evaluating most NJ House Raising Companies, you will find most just want to lift and leave.  House raising is more involved than this and for the novice homeowner, it is probably a job you would want to leave for the professionals to coordinate and accomplish for you.   NJ Home Builder can provide a turnkey solution for your home raising.  We can provide you with a licensed Architect, Engineer, and a project manager to run the entire project start to finish.

We can handle the required drawings by a licensed Architect and Engineer, mechanical disconnects and reconnects (Electrical, HVAC, plumbing, cable TV, Phone), grading, demolition of existing foundation, new foundation, new stairs, porches and decks with railings.  One of our dedicated project managers will be assigned to your project to make the process of raising your home seamless and hassle free for you.  From engineering to permits to raising to completion we handle all of the details involved a long the way.

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