Why Raise Your House

Why Raise Your Home

None Raised LBI Home

 The benefits of raising your NJ Home are many.  If your home has been flooded by Super Storm Hurricane Sandy then I’m sure you had a lot of headaches with your displacement and frustration of rebuilding and finding out your insurance company is not really on your side.

To avoid this from happening again, you must get your home Raised above the new FEMA Base Flood Elevation and on a foundation that is adequate to your zone that they have determined.

House raising in NJ is required when a building has been substantially damaged or is being substantially improved.

Our services have many advantages:

First you will have peace of mind in knowing you are not a risk for future flooding and destruction of your home.  This peace in mind is the biggest benefit of using NJ house Raising for your home elevation lifting.  Keeping your family, pets and your home safe from danger is an important reason to consider.

Other benefits include lower insurance rates on your homeowners as well as flood policies by complying to the new FEMA guidelines.

NJ Home raising can also increase your potential view that you would never realize at you current elevation.  By raising your say on LBI  you may be able to capture a new view of the bay or ocean that you never had previously.

Raising your house will also add more usable space to your property.  If house raising elevates your home above 8’ you can now utilize under your house for storage and garage space.

The benefits definitely outweigh the costs in most cases.  Call us to today for a free evaluation of your home raising project in NJ.  Each year we run the risk of a 1% chance of another Hurricane or Nor’easter moving through our area and causing the same or even more damage.  Hurricane Sandy was only a category 2 hurricane when it hit the Jersey Shore area.  A larger storm could cause even more destruction.

Don’t get caught being below the tide again.

Don’t Relocate – Elevate

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