Q: Do your homes come with a warranty?
A: Our homes come standard with a 10 year structural warranty and a one year manufacturers warranty. Individual product warranties may also apply.
Q: What type of homes do you build?
A: We can custom build any style home, including ranch, bi-level, cape, two-story, multi-family, etc.
Q: Can I design my own modular home?
A: Yes. We offer the customer complete design flexibility. This could be an area of savings in your building process. Many builders have large expenses due to the architectural design of a custom home, we will take a design you have and customize it to your needs or wants.
Q: Can you build a custom home I saw somewhere else?
A: This very well may be possible. Your home builder can review the plans and verify if it can be built modular.
Q: Are modular homes difficult to finance or insure?
A: There is no distinction between system-built modular home and site-built homes as far as appraisal or financing. Banks and lending institutions treat both types of construction the same. Likewise, there is no difference in insuring the modular property.
Q: What are the advantages of a modular home?
A: Because they are constructed in a factory, there is little exposure to changing weather conditions. We also offer design flexibility. Modulars are energy efficient and can be built to ENERGY STAR®, NAHB Green, and LEED standards. Modulars are cost effective with rapid completion.
Q: Once I’ve decided to purchase a home, how long does the process take?
A: The process takes approximately 4-6 weeks after we receive the order for the home until the delivery of it to the site. The move-in date depends on the builder and how quickly the remainder of the work is completed after the home is delivered.
Q: How do I finance a modular home?
A: Mortgage lenders treat system-built modular homes the same as stick-built homes and offer the same mortgage options. Modular homes are also treated the same as site-built homes when it comes to appraisals and insurance. In addition, modular homes appreciate in value at the same rate as comparable site-built homes in your area.
Q: Is a modular home better than a site built home?
A: The answer is clear. With a system-built modular home you get efficiency and quality control. Efficiency begins with the manufacturers modern factory assembly line techniques. Your home travels to workstations, with all the building trades represented. Work is never delayed by weather, subcontractor no-shows or missing material. Quality engineering and modular construction techniques significantly increase the energy efficiency of your modular home. A quality control process provides 100% assurance that your home has been inspected for code compliance and workmanship. In-plant quality control inspectors as well as independent inspection agencies inspect the home on behalf of your state and local government.
Q: If I don’t feel like I know enough about modular homes, what should I do?
A: We offer a consulting service for anyone building a new home. You can contact us with questions about the system-built modular manufacturing process. We will answer your questions to help you gain knowledge on our product.
Q: What is the difference between a “mobile” and a “modular” home?
A: Mobile homes, sometimes referred to as single-wide or double-wides, are constructed to a different building code. They are built to Housing and Urban Development (HUD) codes. Unlike conventional building codes, the mobilehouses are required to be built on non-removable steel chassis. Our system-built modular homes are built to the same building codes required by the federal, state, and local agencies, and therefore are NOT restricted by building and/or zoning regulations.
Q: Can I put one of these homes on a foundation?
A: You have a choice of a crawl space, piers, or a full foundation.
Q: I hear a lot about “Green” building. Are modulars green?
A: Green building is a practice of using sustainable materials and designs in new construction. Yes, modular homes are by their very nature green. Assembly in an enclosed indoor environment contributes to reduced waste of material at the factory and at the job site, lessens the environmental impact on the land and the community where the house is being delivered, and allows for a tighter built structure to maximize energy efficiency – all of which are key components to green building standards.
Q: What are modules?
A: Modules are the sections that make up the complete home. Typically homes require two or four modules but we have built homes with up to 8+ units! The modules are delivered to the site and connected like large puzzle pieces. Each piece is connected to create the complete home. Even though they are sections, you won’t be able to tell where they were joined after the final finishing process of the home on site. Once the modules are delivered, the home can be completed and ready for move-in in as little as 4 weeks, depending on your builder.
Q: Can my house be built so garages and decks can be added?
A: Yes. If you already know you will be adding a garage or deck, we will help make sure the home is built to accommodate the garage or deck. We also offer garage and porch packages from this factory – providing you with the house that you want, when you want it.

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