Floor Plans

NJ Home Builder is the state’s most experienced modular home building company. If you want a home built for your family, we can accommodate up to 5 bedrooms and help you design your optimal living space.  Improve your floor plans with various detail and added components to suit a person’s way of life  — we incorporate huge master suites with elegant master bathrooms, open plans with vaulted roofs, formal lounge areas, family rooms, and custom kitchens.  Include a single or two door garage, dormers or a porch that will make your home design dreams a reality. All of our designs are environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible. NJ Home Builder’s dedication to environmental sustainability will translate to savings down the road! We are the top rated construction company in the state and enjoy showing our customers what an added bonus experience is to modular home building. Our team includes supportive specialists who are ready to walk you through the process of planning, designing, and buying a modular home. If you seek unmatched quality at an affordable price, then you should contact our sales team today. Our motivation is never ending, customer satisfaction is our top concern!

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