What you should learn about Home Raising

House raising refers to the literal raising of the house off its foundation. Reasons for raising a home might be to make improvements to the foundation, changing the structure of the house, such as adding an additional floor, or moving the entire structure to a new location. After Hurricane Sandy, many people on the Jersey Shore are raising their houses, either to prevent future flooding or to move house to a new location.

Different Benefit Of House Raising

The most obvious benefit of house raising on the Jersey Shore is creating an elevated space to conform with FEMA standards. Since Hurricane Sandy, FEMA has designated a Base Flood Elevation, and in some cases you may even be required by law to raise your house to prevent future damage. If this is the case for you, a company like NJ Home Builder can help you both with the actual house raising and help you address any insurance concerns you may have.

Even if you are not required to raise your house, house raising is strongly recommended for Jersey Shore residents to prevent damage. In many cases, house raising leads to lower insurance premiums because of the long term benefits of raising. House raising can be used to address any structural concerns you already had, giving you the opportunity to make changes to your ground floor or basement. You may even choose to raise your house specifically because you prefer the higher elevation, which can dramatically alter your views.

Whether for insurance purposes, safety concerns, or future-proofing, house raising is strongly recommended for Jersey Shore residents. Undoubtedly there will be storms and possible flooding again in the future; such is the tradeoff of living by the sea. Thankfully, companies like NJ Home Builder make the process of house raising simple, easy to understand, and cost-effective.

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